"Marseille", Athletica N°1, 2018

Anyone who has been to Marseille’s downtown core has probably noticed that the city’s “street style” has a more authentic feel than what you would see on the Canal Saint-Martin. The port city has always been a place of cultural exchanges, and its diehard multi- cultural identity is what sets it apart from most French cities.
Supreme does not reign in its namesake manner here, and anything monogrammed was likely not acquired from the Galeries Lafayette. On a hot summer day, you will catch whi s of a pot-pourri of o -market Bois d’argent and Marlboros smuggled in from the other side of the Mediterranean.
Football (soccer to some of you) is close to a religion here. The city centre’s streets are dotted with shops o ering all manner of warmup gear (uno cially) bearing the colours of the sports’ teams, and, while homegrown heroes OM (Olympique de Marseille) are highly represented on the streets, photographer Marc-Antoine Serra has captured some of the brave souls who dare to support their own favourites — right there in the alleys and constant construction sites of a metropolis that continues to resist becoming just another gentri ed Riviera cliché.